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Closing Ceremonies and Boxes for Soldiers


Clinton Youth Soccer 2016

Closing Ceremonies and Boxes For Soldiers

​Players, families, and friends are invited to attend the closing day ceremonies for presentation of player awards, patches, team pictures, and the Super-slideshow.


Once again Clinton Youth Soccer will be helping collect items for the Boxes for Soldiers Program that is sponsored by Shoreline Community Women. 


Please bring any of the items listed at the bottom of the page to the Soccer Closing Ceremony. 


Awards presentation schedule:


Saturday November 12, 2016 - Munchkins


Divisions                     Time                            Location

Munchkins                  10:00 AM                    Morgan HS Auditorium Sat. Nov. 12, 2016



Sunday November 13, 2016


Session 1


Divisions                     Time                            Location


All Girls Teams          10:00 AM                    Morgan HS Auditorium Sun. Nov. 13, 2016


Session 2


All Boys Teams           12:30  PM                   Morgan HS Auditorium Sun. Nov. 13, 2016


All teams are to meet at their respective location 15 minutes before the above times in their soccer uniforms. 


********PLEASE do not wear your cleats!******


All coaches should return the equipment bags at this time.




Thank you for your support.




Hand sanitizer

Hand wipes, wet ones (smaller or individual packages are good)

Chap Stick

Sunscreen, sunglasses

Bug repellent (not aerosol can)

Shampoo, hairbrushes, combs, shaving cream

Toothbrush, small size toothpaste, floss, mouthwash (small bottle)

Hand lotion, powder, deodorant, shaving cream

Band Aids, Advil, Tylenol, aspirin packets



Individually packaged snacks such as Beef Jerky, granola bars etc.

Potato chips (like Pringles and Lays in cans), Chex Mix, cereal in small boxes

Hard candy, lollipops, gum, Fruit Breezes (throat drops), Twizzlers, Lifesavers (anything not chocolate)

Dried soup mix, hot chocolate packages, tea bags, single serving coffee bags

Powdered drink mixes



Phone cards (World Wide or International AT+T)

Batteries (smaller sizes)

Sodoku books, crossword puzzles, magazines, playing cards, books

Writing paper and envelopes, pens, pencils

Disposable cameras

Socks, hand and foot warmers (Wal-mart and Job Lot carry them)

CDs, DVDs, tapes


Handmade cards, letters, and postcards of positive messages from children.  (Thinking of you, thank you etc.)


Monetary donations are also accepted and will be used for phone cards and shipping costs. 


Do you know a soldier serving overseas who would appreciate a care package?  Please e-mail his or her military address to:




Field Status
Eliot Field - Clinton TBD (12/10) 
Field 6 Joel - Clinton OPEN (12/10) 
Indian River 1 - Clinton OPEN (12/10) 
Indian River 2 - Clinton OPEN (12/10) 
Indian River 3 - Clinton OPEN (12/10) 
Lupone Field - Clinton TBD (12/10) 
Peters Lower 1 - Clinton OPEN (12/10) 
Peters Lower 2 - Clinton OPEN (12/10) 
Peters Lower 3 - Clinton OPEN (12/10) 
Peters Lower 3a - Clinton OPEN (12/10) 
Peters Lower 3b - Clinton OPEN (12/10) 
Peters Upper - Clinton OPEN (12/10) 
Pierson School - Clinton OPEN (12/10) 
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